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Potato Bin - Grow Your Own Potatoes - No Garden Required!

Potato Bin - Grow Your Own Potatoes - No Garden Required!

The cool new Potato Bin is a 15-gallon fabric nursery pot designed to provide the best conditions for growing potatoes right on your patio - no garden required!

The Potato Bin is specially designed with a porous fabric that allows heat to dissipate and excess water to evaporate. Simply pick a spot on your patio or any sunny spot, plant up to 5 seed potatoes per bin and watch as the stems and leaves sprout up into a bush. Around late summer, the leaves will turn yellow, die back and you'll know it's time to harvest. Just dig around in the soil and search for those buried, hidden spuds and you'll be mashing, baking and frying them in no time! The Potato Bin can be re-used a second year and it folds flat for storage.

I love container vegetable gardening and potatoes will definitely make a cool, fun and tasty addition!

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