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Plant Caddie Pulley System For Hanging Plants, Bird Feeders, and More

Plant Caddie Pulley System For Hanging Plants, Bird Feeders, and More

Plant Caddie Pulley System For Hanging Plants, Bird Feeders, and More


Tired of trying to get up high enough to water a hanging planter? Want to be able to lower a bird feeder down to refill it? Have stuff around your home, workshop, shed, or kitchen that you wish you store up and away? Then check out this cool new Plant Caddie Pulley System. This innovative ratcheting pulley and hand brake system lets you easily lower and raise hanging planters, bird feeders, bird houses, wind chimes, or anything you wish. To use, simply attach the pulley to an existing ceiling hook, hang an item from it that is 8 lbs or less, and then use the pull cord to release it down to a preferred height, or tug the cord to retract it back into place. It's designed for outdoor or indoor use, extends up to 42 inches, and has a patented design that locks an item at any height without tangling. Great solution.

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  • Set of three
  • Easily extends hanging plants up to 42 inches
  • Work on a ratcheting pulley and hand brake system that allows you to easily raise and lower your baskets
  • Pull cord releases the band as your free hand guides the planter to your preferred height
  • Another tug of the pull cord retracts the band smoothly into its case
  • Patented design locks the hanging item at any point without tangling
  • Great for sunning and watering or getting clippings
  • Weather proofed for indoor or outdoor use
  • Ratching pulley system with easy-to-use hand brake
  • Fits all standard size plant hangers
  • Also great for bird feeders, wind chimes, bird house, tools, pots, pans, and more
  • Perfect for workshops, sheds, greenhouses, porches, kitchens, or anywhere you need to hang something
  • Holds up to 8 lbs.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Size: 8" L x 3" W x 3/4" D - 4 oz.

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