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Laughing Veggie Herb Pots

Laughing Veggie Herb Pots

Laughing Veggie Herb Pots

Wish your boring planters had more of a sense of humor? These cool new Veggie Herb Pots are whimsical herb garden planters shaped like carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and potatoes that are all laughing hysterically at something. Even though they are vegetable shaped, these little personality filled planters are designed to grow fresh herbs indoors or out and will continue laughing even on the rainiest of days. Hmm, even though they seem like normal veggies just having a good long laugh, it might be smart to keep the kitchen knives out of their reach... just in case.

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  • Veggie-Shaped Herb Pots
  • Carrot, Cucumber, Tomato, Potato
  • Planters shaped like colorful vegetables, each designed with a funny face that looks like it's laughing at your latest joke
  • Each cast resin pot has its own personality
  • Drainage hole on the bottom
  • Crafted from weather-safe cast resin
  • Perfect for planting and growing your own cilantro, basil, dill and more
  • Size: 4-5" Diameter x 5-7" H

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