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Giant Outdoor Lighted Ornaments

Giant Outdoor Lighted Ornaments

Giant Outdoor Lighted Ornaments

If you've already out-illuminated and out-decorated all your neighbors for the holidays, seal the deal of being that overly festive one by scattering these Giant Outdoor Lighted Ornaments* all across your lawn. These massive outdoor Christmas ornament balls look just like their smaller tree-hanging indoor counterparts except they're humongous and made from durable resin construction with hand-applied, fade-resistant paint to hold up through even the harshest of winters. They look fun and festive during the day and light up spectacularly at night using hundreds of tiny, color-changing fiber optic lights. If you can't find anyplace to store them off-season, just leave them out in the yard all year like the Christmas lights you probably don't feel like taking down either.

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