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Teak Root Ball Sculptures

Teak Root Ball Sculptures

Teak Root Ball Sculptures

Do you have that one spot in your home or business that desperately needs to be filled with something interesting? Then fill that decorative void with one or a few of these cool new Teak Root Ball Sculptures. These sculptural spheres are handcrafted from sustainably sourced natural teak wood roots in Indonesia, can be placed indoors or left outside, are each completely unique, and come in sizes from gigantic to small: 24", 20", 16", 12", 8", or 5" diameter

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  • Teak Root Ball Sculptures
  • Left as they have been created by the nature, and hand shaped to a sphere
  • A beautiful blend of art and nature that will look great in any styled room
  • Balls are made of solid teak wood rescued from unused root of the tree
  • Sculptural balls are unique and loved by many in residential and retail settings alike
  • Elements-resistant teak wood. If left outdoors, the surface will acquire elegant grey patina
  • Crevices are unique and natural. No two pieces are alike
  • All wood is sustainably sourced from local plantations
  • Handcrafted in Central Java, Indonesia
  • Sizes: 24", 20", 16", 12", 8", or 5" diameter

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