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Backyard Ice Rink

Backyard Ice Rink

Backyard Ice Rink

This winter, get in a few games of hockey with friends, practice your figure skating or just slowly skate around hand-in-hand with that special someone on your very own Backyard Ice Rink. This cool new portable ice skating rink includes everything you need to freeze your backyard into a crisp, level ice rink that can be personalized with your own painted logos, face-off circles, rink lines and more. Just install and level the tarp and frame, fill with water and let it freeze for three consecutive days of sub-freezing weather. Three sizes available.

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  • Provides all of the materials, instruction, and paint for building a backyard skating rink personalized with a painted ice surface
  • Tarp is filled with water and after three consecutive days of sub-freezing weather it freezes into a crisp, level ice rink
  • kit comes with a DVD and detailed instruction manual that guide you through setup and detail how to adjust the frame and tarp to account for uneven terrain (up to a 9" slope)
  • Plastic tubes, ground stakes, and tarp are easy to assemble
  • Paint logos or face-off circles, a goal crease, and other hockey rink lines using the included paint, brushes, and templates
  • Includes four 8-oz. bottles of tempera paint
  • Sizes: Small, Medium and Large

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