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Rocket Ship Nightlight

Rocket Ship Nightlight

Rocket Ship Nightlight

Let your children's imagination fly sky high and beyond before they snooze off into a world of dreams with this cool new Rocket Ship Nightlight from Egmont Toys in Belgium. This whimsical little nightlight has a retro rocket ship design and once illuminated, diffuses a warm soft light from within. The perfect nightlight for future astronauts and rocket scientists to fall asleep to.

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  • Send their dreams soaring into space with this adorable little rocket ship lamp
  • Diffuses a warm and soft light to appease the little ones and to take them on a big trip in their world of dreams
  • When lit up, the metal design emits a soft, warm glow from its interior
  • Great for astronauts- and engineers-in-training and sure to inspire celestial dreams
  • 1.5 W LED system
  • Handmade in Belgium
  • Size: 11" L x 9" W

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