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Gorilla Grabber - Reach-Extending Gorilla Paw Grabber

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Gorilla Grabber - Reach-Extending Gorilla Paw Grabber

This cool new Gorilla Grabber is a hilarious reach-extending grabber tool / toy is designed to look like a furry gorilla arm. Just give the handle a squeeze to curl the paw's four fingers and grab anything you wish up to 18 inches away. Perfect for grabbing bananas when they're just out of reach, pretending to be King Kong reaching into a dollhouse, endless funny pranks, and more.


  • Go ape and extend your reach by over 18 inches
  • Squeeze the plastic handle to curl the gorilla paw’s four fingers
  • Gorilla Grabber has a firm grip to successfully retrieve your object
  • Prank your friends and make them laugh
  • Size: 21" x 3.5"

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