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Plant Maze

Plant Maze

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This cool new Discovery Mindblown Maze Planter is a little terrarium house that lets you view bean sprouts rising up and winding their way through a maze layout until they reach the chimney on top. This fun botany learning kit teaches the principles of phototropism, which is how plants bend and grow towards a light source, and geotropism, which is how a plant's roots grow downwards due to gravity. The terrarium house lets you experiment with different layouts to challenge the growing sprouts and a see-through base that lets you study how the roots grow and suck up water. Perfect for kids, classrooms, science projects, and adults alike, because I actually want one here on my desk at HQ to stare at all day. Hmm, it would be fun to set up a time-lapse camera to capture video of the bean sprouts actually moving up and through the maze like some sort of horror movie.

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