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Minimalist Blossom Well Vase

Minimalist Blossom Well Vase

Minimalist Blossom Well Vase

A giant bouquet of flowers in a huge vase will seem like complete and utter overkill when just a single bloom can do the job as well when displayed in this cool new Blossom Well Vase from designer Peter Hewitt. This minimalist vase holds a single flower of your choice upright with a wire and stores water in an indented well in the base. It comes in either a black steel wire / gray cement resin base or copper wire / synthetic stone base versions. Sometimes keeping it simple is better.

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  • Designer: Peter Hewitt
  • Beauty in simplicity
  • Minimalist vase is designed to hold a single flower with water stored in the indented well in the base
  • Slightly updated version of the 1989 original comes in two striking variations
  • Black Steel Wire: Gray cement resin base with anodized black steel wire
  • Copper Wire: Synthetic stone base and brushed copper wire
  • Base features felt bottoms
  • Size: 9.25" H × 2.75" W × 3" D

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