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Lechuza Cascada - Three Level Planter Tower

Lechuza Cascada - Three Level Planter Tower

Lechuza Cascada - Three Level Planter Tower

cool new Lechuza Cascada is a space-saving, three level planter tower that can grow flowers, fresh herbs, strawberries vegetables, and more in only two square feet of space. This unique planter can up to 13 plants per tier (30 herb plants) and has an integrated self-watering system that holds up to 2 gallons of water, meaning you can forgo watering for days (water level indicator runs along the side). Perfect for apartment balconies, cramped patios, epic kitchen herb gardens, and more.

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  • Three level planter tower for flowers, potted herbs, strawberries, vegetables, more
  • Plenty of room for fruits and vegetables or more than 30 herb plants
  • Space-saving – each Cascada tier holds up to 13 plants
  • Only takes up 2 square feet – also works great as a balcony planter
  • Less watering thanks to the 2-gallon water reservoir and guaranteed success using the PON nutrient system
  • It can be used indoors to spruce up interior décor or outdoors to accent any garden setting
  • Integrated sub-irrigation system with a 2 gallon | 8 liter water reservoir
  • Ensure herbs, vegetables or flowers always receive the right amount of moisture and nutrients they need for days and even weeks
  • Supply shaft with water level indicator runs along the inside edge of the liner
  • Easy to add water and liquid fertilizer while maintaining complete watering control
  • Holds 40 dry quarts of potting mix
  • Made in Germany
  • Size: 19" x 49"

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