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Cabidor - Behind The Door Storage Cabinet

Cabidor - Behind The Door Storage Cabinet

Cabidor - Behind The Door Storage Cabinet

Have too much stuff and never enough space to store it? Then check out this cool new Cabidor. This thin, space-saving cabinet hides behind a standard door and swings out to reveal shelves that hold as much as five medicine cabinets. It installs easily off the door's existing hinges (reversible), has adjustable shelving to fit taller items, and a rear facade that is available with or without a convenient mirror. It's perfect for hiding behind doors in bathrooms, pantries, nurseries, craft rooms, apartments, dorm rooms, offices, and more. I want one just to hold all of those spice containers in the kitchen.

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  • Slim and tall cabinet for convenient storage in a space that would otherwise be wasted behind almost any standard door
  • Available with or without a mirrored facade
  • Hinge Mounted Design
  • Holds as much as five standard medicine cabinets
  • Ideal for storing small items you need easy access to, but don't want cluttering up valuable counter space
  • Adjustable shelves and rods move up and down, or can be removed to adapt to your unique storage needs
  • All of the items you store are hidden from sight behind the facade of a finished cabinet
  • Pivots seamlessly off the hinges, just as your door does - metal striker plate and magnet keep the unit flush with the face of your door
  • You won't notice a difference when opening and closing your door.
  • Reversible For Right Or Left Hinged Door
  • Reclaim otherwise wasted space with ease
  • Bedroom, Bathroom, Office, Small Apartments, Dorm Room, Craft Room, Nursery, Laundry Room, Pantry, and Kitchen
  • Perfect for bathroom toiletries, makeup, spices, medicine, baby supplies, tools, pets supplies, toys, crafting supplies, etc.
  • Size: 70" T x 16" W x 4" D

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