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3 Guns Table Vase

3 Guns Table Vase

3 Guns Table Vase

I recently watched the flick Pineapple Express and I noticed in one scene that the Asian gangster had this really cool flower vase shaped like a gun next to a picture frame of his dead son. Well, I found it!

The cool new 3 Guns Table Vase brings new meaning to the terms Flower Power, War and Peace and yes even Guns 'N Roses! This amazing ceramic vase is shaped like three upturned pistols that hold flowers in each of the barrels. Just add water and insert your favorite blooming ammunition or if you like to keep your firearms dry, insert the 3 included artificial flowers.

It's definitely a killer conversation piece and a great gift for shooting enthusiasts, hippies or members of one of the many fine international crime syndicates. I'd probably advise against running this through the x-ray machine at the airport though.

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