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Shouting Vase - Absorbs Your SCREAMS and SHOUTS!

Shouting Vase - Absorbs Your SCREAMS and SHOUTS!

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If you're angry and stressed out, forget stress balls, punching through concrete walls, and furiously staring at people until their heads explode. Just SCREAM... in silence! The next time your blood boils and you just want to cry out and unleash an onslaught of non-stop verbal punishment, simply grab this cool new Scream Jar and let it loose. This terracotta pottery-inspired voice muffler from Japan absorbs your loudest screams, shouts, and even horrendous singing and then emits it back out as a softer and much, much quieter version through a tiny hole in the base. This is the perfect extreme volume solution for every single office and cubicle in the world, annoying arguing couples, anger management classes, anyone discussing politics, dealing with customer support on live chat and then realizing you're speaking with a computer in an endless loop and then running out into the backyard, falling to your knees, and screaming, "$#@% YOU AT&T!" ... is now all just a delightful whisper.

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