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Shouting Vase - Absorbs Your SCREAMS and SHOUTS!

Shouting Vase - Absorbs Your SCREAMS and SHOUTS!

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If you're angry and stressed out, forget stress balls, punching through concrete walls, and furiously staring at people until their heads explode. Just SCREAM... in silence! The next time your blood boils and you just want to cry out and unleash an onslaught of non-stop verbal punishment, simply grab this cool new Scream Jar and let it loose. This terracotta pottery-inspired voice muffler from Japan absorbs your loudest screams, shouts, and even horrendous singing and then emits it back out as a softer and much, much quieter version through a tiny hole in the base. This is the perfect extreme volume solution for every single office and cubicle in the world, annoying arguing couples, anger management classes, anyone discussing politics, dealing with customer support on live chat and then realizing you're speaking with a computer in an endless loop and then running out into the backyard, falling to your knees, and screaming, "$#@% YOU AT&T!" ... is now all just a delightful whisper.

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This fidget toy looks like a slime-free slug that's made up of ridged nested plastic cups that articulate in any direction while creating sounds as they move.
Chonky Cheeks Hamster Stress Ball
When you give this cute little hamster-shaped stress ball a satisfying squeeze, its cheeks puff out just like it's been stuffing them full of sunflower seeds.
Giant Glow-in-the-Dark Stress Ball
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Thera-flex Therapy Putty
Professional grade therapeutic putty designed for hand and finger exercise and rehab, plus stress reduction as well.
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World's Smallest Nee-Doh - Pocket-Sized Stress Ball
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Shouting Vase - Absorbs Your SCREAMS and SHOUTS!
This bulbous borosilicate glass vase is designed to hold a solitary acorn in place as its roots grow down into the water below and its iconic leaves sprout up from the top. It's not only interesting and decorative to look at, it can also be planted when it begins to get too large.
Shouting Vase - Absorbs Your SCREAMS and SHOUTS!
This unique glass vase is actually 2-in-1 with a smaller second vase inside allowing you place flowers in either the inner or outer vase or both at the same time.
Shouting Vase - Absorbs Your SCREAMS and SHOUTS!
This whimsical ceramic vase is shaped like a rabbit with long bunny ears sticking up to frame your favorite fresh cut floral bouquet on display.
Shouting Vase - Absorbs Your SCREAMS and SHOUTS!
This unusual ceramic vase is handcrafted into the shape of a crinkly brown paper bag that looks just like the real thing.
Shouting Vase - Absorbs Your SCREAMS and SHOUTS!
This whimsical little friendly vase has flexible arms and legs that can be posed in any position you want. Whether it's sitting on your shelf or waving to you, you'll always try to suppress a smile.
Shouting Vase - Absorbs Your SCREAMS and SHOUTS!
Brown ceramic vase that circulates water from within down three outer tiers. Water is never stagnant, so flowers stay fresh longer.
Shouting Vase - Absorbs Your SCREAMS and SHOUTS!
Make a statement about war, peace and flowers with the cool new A Peaceful Bomb Vase by Taiwanese design duo Owen and Cloud of Biaugust.
Shouting Vase - Absorbs Your SCREAMS and SHOUTS!
A challenging 160 piece curved plastic jigsaw puzzle that forms a decorative three-dimensional vase that can actually hold water and flowers when completed.
Shouting Vase - Absorbs Your SCREAMS and SHOUTS!
Arrange and display your freshly cut flowers and blooms in this uniquely stylish Hanging Glass Vase.

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