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Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain

Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain

Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain

When I get my hands on bubble wrap, I completely lose my mind, tune out the world and pop every single bubble on the roll. I'm afraid, it's an addiction I can't control. I need help. Actually, I just need the cool new Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain.

This unique keychain has 8 rubber buttons that look and feel exactly like the bubbles on bubble wrap. When you press a bubble, the keychain makes that ever-satisfying pop sound and every 100th pop is a random silly sound effect. A device that provides unlimited bubble wrap pops like this, just may slow the entire nation's productivity to a crawl. A must have stocking stuffer gift for the stressed, the obsessive compulsive and just about everyone who can appreciate the pleasures of popping bubble wrap.

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