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Scream-Absorbing Shouting Jar

Scream-Absorbing Shouting Jar

Scream-Absorbing Shouting Jar

When you feel the urgent need to scream, yell, shout, argue, cheer, or sing at the top of your lungs, spare others around you from the deafening noise when you unleash your rage into this cool new Sakeboard Anger Management Shouting Jar from Japan. This fun mouth muffler is designed to effectively absorb, mute, and reduce sounds shouted into by a third so you can quietly relieve stress with a satisfying scream, cheer or shout at your favorite sports team, sing horribly like you just don't care, or just yell at you're #@&%ing POS laptop when it dies on you in the middle of important work, like mine did this week. It even has a whiteboard exterior surface for writing down additional furious thoughts that can then be wiped away. Makes a fun gift, but I think in this infuriating day and age, everyone should just carry one on them at all times.

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