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Mattress Genie - Inflatable Adjustable Bed Wedge

Mattress Genie - Inflatable Adjustable Bed Wedge

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If you've always wanted an adjustable bed that inclines the mattress, but don't to pay the high cost for one, then check out this cool new Mattress Genie Bed Wedge System. This inflatable bed wedge can incline a mattress up to 26 inches high and up to a 40 degree angle with just a press of a button. So you can inflate it up when reading, watching television, or staring at your phone and then deflate it back down when sleeping or just find the perfect angle for sleeping to help with back pain, heartburn, congestion, snoring, pregnancy, surgery recovery, migraines, and more. It works with any mattress or base, can be installed in minutes, has a convenient glow-in-the-dark remote control, and hides discreetly under the mattress when not in use. Great solution.

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Mattress Genie - Inflatable Adjustable Bed Wedge
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Mattress Genie - Inflatable Adjustable Bed Wedge
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Mattress Genie - Inflatable Adjustable Bed Wedge
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Mattress Genie - Inflatable Adjustable Bed Wedge
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Mattress Genie - Inflatable Adjustable Bed Wedge
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Mattress Genie - Inflatable Adjustable Bed Wedge
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Mattress Genie - Inflatable Adjustable Bed Wedge
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Mattress Genie - Inflatable Adjustable Bed Wedge
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Mattress Genie - Inflatable Adjustable Bed Wedge
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