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NodPod - Gentle Pressure Weighted Sleep Mask

NodPod - Gentle Pressure Weighted Sleep Mask

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If an overactive mind and light in the room keep you from falling asleep or you just have a headache from staring at bright screens all day, then check out this cool new NodPod. This unique weighted sleep mask distributes gentle deep-touch pressure across key pressure points on your face to help calm your mind, block out the light, and relieve stress and anxiety. The sleep mask has four weighted pods filled with unscented microbeads that contour to your face, has cooling jersey cotton fabric on one side and warm microfiber on the other, and can be placed freely over the eyes or secured using the pull-through slit to accommodate different sleeping positions. You can even place it in the freezer for a bit to chill it down to help soothe headaches. Available in a variety of colors and makes a unique gift.

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NightWave Sleep Assistant
Simply place the Nightwave on your nightstand, turn off the lights, lie down in bed and watch as the luminance of the soft blue light projected on the ceiling slowly rises and falls. As you lie there with your eyes open, try to synchronize your breathing with the pulsing blue illumination as its movement becomes slower and slower. This is an effective method to help you practice deep breathing, reduce mental activity, relax and hopefully fall asleep.
Nite Site - Illuminated Eyeglasses Tray
Motion-sensitive lighted tray makes it easy to find your eyeglasses in the middle of the night.
Bandit The Raccoon Sleep Eye Mask
Steal a few winks in the cutest way possible.
Ginko Message Click Clock
A high tech, anti-technology solution to simple bedside timekeeping and end of sleep cycle human waking that basically looks like a rustic solid block of decorative timber.
SleepSound - Slim Under Pillow Speaker
Want to snooze off to the soothing sounds of nature, white noise, an audiobook, a podcast, or your favorite music without disturbing others?
Igloo Dome Pillow - Almost Completely Cuts Out Sound and Light
Forget annoying earplugs and sleep masks, because when you insert your head into this dome almost all sound and light is eliminated.
Bed Light - Discreet Motion-Activated Under the Bed Lighting
An automatic under the bed lighting system that softly and discreetly illuminates the floor underneath to guide you when you step out of bed and trigger the motion detection sensors.
Giant Sausage Pillow
Although it may look like a massive grilled sausage has been dropped on your couch or bed, I assure you that this is just a comfy and very inedible pillow.
Split Couple Blanket and Sheet Bedding Set
Does your partner notoriously hog all the sheets and blanket every single night? Maybe it's even you? This clever bedding set includes a brushed microfiber flat sheet and a fleece blanket that are both split right down the middle except at the very bottom, which stays securely tucked in at the foot of the bed.

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NodPod - Gentle Pressure Weighted Sleep Mask
If you're angry and stressed out, forget stress balls, punching through concrete walls, and furiously staring at people until their heads explode. Just SCREAM... in silence!
NodPod - Gentle Pressure Weighted Sleep Mask
Transport your frazzled, anxiety-ridden, stressed-out Earthbound mind to the tranquil surface of Mars when you mindlessly mess around with this Mars Zen Garden.
NodPod - Gentle Pressure Weighted Sleep Mask
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NodPod - Gentle Pressure Weighted Sleep Mask
This cool new electronic keychain simulates the feeling of tearing open a shipping open perfectly, over and over again!
NodPod - Gentle Pressure Weighted Sleep Mask
The world's smallest NeeDoh Groovy Glob stress ball that can be pinched, squished, pulled, and squeezed anytime you need some mental relief, anywhere you roam.
NodPod - Gentle Pressure Weighted Sleep Mask
The world's first smart stress ball that includes a free app, obviously, to help you not only relieve stress and total boredom, but improve your overall grip strength as well.
NodPod - Gentle Pressure Weighted Sleep Mask
Professional grade therapeutic putty designed for hand and finger exercise and rehab, plus stress reduction as well.
NodPod - Gentle Pressure Weighted Sleep Mask
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NodPod - Gentle Pressure Weighted Sleep Mask
This fun yet quite nasty pimple popping toy simulates the act of popping huge pus-filled pimples.

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