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Homedics Drift Sandscape - Kinetic Sand Zen Garden

Homedics Drift Sandscape - Kinetic Sand Zen Garden

Homedics Drift Sandscape - Kinetic Sand Zen Garden

Does your stressed out mind need a blissful and relaxing vacation away from the endless chaos of the daily world? Then simply gaze upon this cool new Homedics Drift Sandscape. This kinetic sand zen garden automatically rolls a small metal ball silently through illuminated white sand to create hundreds of mesmerizing patterns. Just download the free app and you can choose the pattern, select the ambient light color, set the speed, create custom playlists, and even set a schedule. This futuristic-looking calming device will not only help you unwind, boost your mood, and enhance your focus, it also makes an impressive decorative statement in your home or office and would make an amazing gift. It's available in either white or black finishes in 16" or 21" diameter sizes. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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  • Watch mesmerizing patterns come to life as a metal sphere rolls silently through sand
  • Elevate your space while creating mindful moments
  • Sleek design is perfect for desktops, consoles, and side tables
  • A statement piece that makes your space look as amazing as it makes you feel
  • Increase relaxation, inspire creativity, boost mood, and enhance focus
  • Choose from hundreds of mesmerizing patterns and ambient light colors, set speed, create custom playlists, and schedule your designs
  • App Controlled (iOS and Android)
  • Colors: Black or white
  • Sizes: 16" or 21" Diameter

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