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Gerber Shard - Multi-Purpose Keychain Tool

Gerber Shard - Multi-Purpose Keychain Tool

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The cool new Gerber Shard is a highly functional, multi-purpose mini keychain tool, so you'll never be without a Phillips driver, small flat driver, medium flat driver, bottle opener, pry bar, lanyard ring, or wire stripper again. It's constructed from stainless steel with a titanium nitride coating for corrosion resistance, is airline safe, and its slim design is meant to go with you everywhere. Yeah, you'll probably just use the bottle opener, but it's still quite handy.

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Gerber Shard - Multi-Purpose Keychain Tool
Recreate the sensation of opening a can of beer or soda, over and over again!
Gerber Shard - Multi-Purpose Keychain Tool
This cool new electronic keychain simulates the feeling of tearing open a shipping open perfectly, over and over again!
Gerber Shard - Multi-Purpose Keychain Tool
A handy mini folding knife disguised as a regular key that fits perfectly on a keychain.
Gerber Shard - Multi-Purpose Keychain Tool
Hopefully, you'll never need to use this cool new CRKT Williams Tactical Key as a self-defense weapon in a bad situation, but it might come in handy more often as a convenient Philips head screwdriver that stows away discreetly on your keychain as well.
Gerber Shard - Multi-Purpose Keychain Tool
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Gerber Shard - Multi-Purpose Keychain Tool
You never know when you'll be in a life-threatening traffic accident, trapped in a burning or flooding vehicle and desperately struggling to open a jammed door or break free from a stuck seat belt. The best solution is to be prepared and this compact keychain tool will be within easy reach to help you escape in the event of an emergency.
Gerber Shard - Multi-Purpose Keychain Tool
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Gerber Shard - Multi-Purpose Keychain Tool
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Gerber Shard - Multi-Purpose Keychain Tool
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