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KeySmart SafeBlade - Finger-Safe Keychain Box Cutter

KeySmart SafeBlade - Finger-Safe Keychain Box Cutter

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One downside in this modern age of online shopping is having to open all the cardboard shipping boxes that seem to arrive daily or even many times a day. If you're tired of endlessly looking around for a box cutter, knife, or something else that's sharp enough to cut through the packing tape (and your fingers), then keep this cool new KeySmart SafeBlade - Safe Keychain Box Cutter always within reach right on your keychain. This handy box cutting tool may look like a sharp blade that merged with an ordinary key, but it's actually designed to safely open packages and boxes without cutting your finger. It's made from an ultra-durable and lightweight material called PA46 that should last through a lifetime of package opening without ever slicing through your skin. Unfortunately, after you order this, it will arrive in a cardboard box, so don't cut yourself trying to open it.

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Slice - Ceramic Blade Box Cutter
An ergonomic box cutter with a finger-friendly ceramic blade that's designed to safely make short work of the endless cardboard shipping boxes we all get daily.
NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves - Food Grade Level 5
These handy gloves are are level 5 food grade cut resistant and designed to protect your delicate hands and fingers when handling sharp knives, cheese graters, and mandolins in the kitchen or even when picking up broken glass, carving wood, shucking oysters, breaking down the 10,000+ Amazon shipping boxes with a boxcutter every single week, cutting hair, and so much more.
Pocket Chainsaw
When you're out camping, hiking, biking, hunting or just have something against trees, be forever prepared to saw any wood in your way when you carry this cool new Pocket Chainsaw.
Small Viking Axe Throwing Game
Why throw tiny little darts at a dartboard when you can throw tiny real axes instead?
Slice Ceramic Mini Cutter
This handy slicer may be small, but uses an auto-retractable ceramic blade to make quick work of corrugated cardboard and other packaging.
ToolLogic FireSteel Knife - Create 5,500 Degree Sparks
This 3 inch stainless razor sharp blade includes a premium wet/dry magnesium alloy firestarter that is capable of producing a shower of 5,500°F sparks to get a fire going quickly. A great survival tool to have handy in case of an emergency or just for camping, hunting, hiking and bonfires.
Sausage and Cheese Guillotine
This cool new yet quite French Revolution-inspired Sausage Guillotine makes sausage slicing a bit more dramatic for those gathered around the charcuterie board.
Pocket Samurai Sword Folding Knife
Almost like the real thing only much, much smaller and less deadly, this tiny Pocket Samurai sword has a 1.5 inch razor-sharp stainless steel Tanto blade sheathed inside a grade 5 titanium handle.
United Cutlery Axe With Hidden Knife
Although it may look like a handy camp axe with a tough stainless steel chopping blade, it also contains a knife secretly hidden inside the handle.

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KeySmart SafeBlade - Finger-Safe Keychain Box Cutter
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KeySmart SafeBlade - Finger-Safe Keychain Box Cutter
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KeySmart SafeBlade - Finger-Safe Keychain Box Cutter
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KeySmart SafeBlade - Finger-Safe Keychain Box Cutter
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KeySmart SafeBlade - Finger-Safe Keychain Box Cutter
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KeySmart SafeBlade - Finger-Safe Keychain Box Cutter
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KeySmart SafeBlade - Finger-Safe Keychain Box Cutter
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KeySmart SafeBlade - Finger-Safe Keychain Box Cutter
This ingenious light switch cover replaces your standard switch plate and has three hooks on the bottom that can conveniently hold your keys, jacket, dog leashes or anything else that's hangable (up to 5 lbs).
KeySmart SafeBlade - Finger-Safe Keychain Box Cutter
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