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ThermoHAWK 400 - Touchless Infrared Thermometer

ThermoHAWK 400 - Touchless Infrared Thermometer

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The cool new ThermoHAWK 400 is a keychain-sized touchless infrared thermometer for instantly taking surface temperatures in seconds. Just point it at something, push the button and from a distance it can tell you the temperature on its digital display. It features a temperature range: -27 to 428 °F and is accurate to +/- 2.5%.

It's not meant for testing internal body temperatures, but it could be fun to check the temperature of the cat, the grill, the car steering wheel on a hot day or maybe to look for cold spots during a paranormal investigation. The temperature checking possibilities are truly endless.

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ThermoHAWK 400 - Touchless Infrared Thermometer
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