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Peri Peri Keychain - Tearing Open a Shipping Envelope Simulator

Peri Peri Keychain - Tearing Open a Shipping Envelope Simulator

There are a few addictive thrills we all share in life. Of course, one is popping bubble wrap, which inspired the awesome the cool Electronic Bubble Wrap Simulator and another is tearing open those shipping envelope by the paper zipper strip or whatever it's called. It's a strange tactile sensation that's hard to explain, but it's always cool to experience. Well, now you can experience this sensation with unending glee with the Peri Peri Keychain.

This cool new electronic keychain simulates the feeling of tearing open a shipping open perfectly, over and over again! It recreates a paper tearing sound each time you pull back on the strip and at random intervals, rewards you with a bonus sound. While trapped at work or bored in class, this sure beats bouncing your knee up and down, twirling your thumbs, chewing on your pen or spinning around your chair aimlessly. It's just good old-fashioned pointless excitement!


  • Relive the joy of opening a package over and over and over again.
  • At random intervals, you'll be rewarded with a bonus sound
  • Random color selection
  • Batteries: 2 x LR41 button batteries (included)
  • Size: 2.375" x 1.125" x 0.875"

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