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Lifesize Replica of Captain Kirk's Chair from Star Trek!

Lifesize Replica of Captain Kirk's Chair from Star Trek!

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"Don't let them promote you. Don't let them transfer you. Don't let them do anything that takes you off the bridge of that ship because while you're there, you can make a difference." - James T. Kirk

What is the ultimate chair in the galaxy? Besides the Emperor's Throne Chair from Return of the Jedi, the most iconic galactic seat belongs to the Captain, er Admiral, of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), James Tiberius Kirk!

Although it's not very ergonomic, Captain Kirk's command chair is just the place to be when some pesky Klingons decloak right off your starboard bow, the shields are down and Warp Drive isn't ready. Whether you are a hardcore Trekkie with a starship bridge styled living room or you just want to have the coolest chair in the office, the Lifesize Replica of Captain Kirk's Chair from the original television show is ultimate in authoritative furniture and one really amazing collectible! This full-scale chair is limited to only 1,701 (get it?) pieces and replicates all of the details from the original television prop and features built-in sound fx and voice samples at the touch of a button as well. Now, fire those photon torpedoes, order Scotty to give you more power and most importantly, never mess around with Tribbles.

Also may I add, that there will only be one true Captain Kirk and that's Shatner!

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Lifesize Replica of Captain Kirk's Chair from Star Trek!
This terrifying Halloween candy bucket is shaped like the elongated head of the double-mouthed, acid for blood xenomorph from the movie ALIEN.
Lifesize Replica of Captain Kirk's Chair from Star Trek!
Whether you're a starship Captain stepping out of your sonic shower in the 23rd century or a geek stepping out of a water-based one in the 21st, now you can wrap up afterwards in one of these cool new Star Trek Bath Robes.
Lifesize Replica of Captain Kirk's Chair from Star Trek!
A realistic flameless pillar candle with a flickering LED flame on top that is powered via a remote control magic wand.
Lifesize Replica of Captain Kirk's Chair from Star Trek!
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Lifesize Replica of Captain Kirk's Chair from Star Trek!
October 21, 2015 has finally arrived! Happy Back to the Future Day!
Lifesize Replica of Captain Kirk's Chair from Star Trek!
While this cool new Sarlacc Pit Coffee Table from Regal Robot is just a concept rendering of a coffee table featuring the almighty Sarlacc from Star Wars Return of the Jedi hungrily waiting down in the sandy Pit of Carkoon, it could actually be yours to toss an old Boba Fett action figure into if you commission this design into reality.
Lifesize Replica of Captain Kirk's Chair from Star Trek!
Now you can enjoy an authentic Chelyabinsk meteorite fragment of your very own, minus reliving the jaw-dropping explosion and brush with extinction.
Lifesize Replica of Captain Kirk's Chair from Star Trek!
This cool new, year 2179-inspired NERF LMTD M41-A Blaster is the NERF blaster version of the Colonial Marine's standard issue Pulse Rifle from the movie ALIENS. It features a fully-motorized Elite dart blaster on top complete with working electronic ammo counter on the side and realistic film-accurate blasting sounds with every trigger pull and a pump-action Mega dart grenade launcher on the bottom.
Lifesize Replica of Captain Kirk's Chair from Star Trek!
Although I would rather have real swooshing automatic doors from the Starship Enterprise, I guess I'll just have to settle for the swoosh sound only on my manual 21st century door using this cool new 23rd century inspired Star Trek Motion-Sensitive Door Chime.

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