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ciao! baby - Packable Go-Anywhere High Chair

ciao! baby - Packable Go-Anywhere High Chair

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The cool new ciao! baby Packable High Chair is a portable freestanding high chair that folds down in seconds into a shoulder bag that's perfect for travel, picnics, camping, restaurant, play dates, tailgating, or just a trip over to the grandparents. Similar to adult folding camping chairs, these innovative go-anywhere high chairs quickly unfold, lock into place, and provide sturdy and safe seating for babies on four steel legs. It features holes for legs, adjustable safety straps, a clear vinyl tray cover, bottle / sippy cup holder, and lightweight easy to clean nylon construction. Check out the video demo below to see it in action. Makes a great baby shower gift as well.

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Baby Bean Bag Chair
This innovative little bean bag for babies not only fills in around them for maximum comfort and support, it also helps prevent the development of a flat head while relieving acid reflux and gas as well.
Wean Machine - Portable Baby Food Maker
Just fill up this innovative baby gadget with soft fruits, cooked vegetables or pasta, squeeze the handle and watch as it instantly purees it into nutritious and healthy baby food.
Origami - Automatic Power Folding Stroller
The world's first automatic power folding stroller.
Withings Smart Baby Monitor
This smart baby monitor lets you go beyond just listening in on the nursery when your baby cries and fusses, it lets you watch them day or night in high resolution, monitors and alerts you about noises, motion, temperature, and humidity, and even allows you to speak, play lullabies, and turn on a multicolor nightlight - from anywhere on your iOS device.
Zaky Hand Pillow - Your Baby Is In Good Hands
The award-winning bonding, therapeutic, and positioning pillow, ergonomically designed to assist parents and their children feel closer to each other.
Young Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks
Are you the parent of a budding mad scientist baby bent on world domination? Well before they build their first killer robot, construct their secret underground lair or enslave the masses with a re-animated zombie army, they're going to need to learn the alphabet first with these cool new Young Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks.
Die Hard Christmas Infant Bodysuit - Now I Have a Machine Gun Ho-Ho-Ho
Just because you'll be enjoying the holidays watching the classic Christmas movie Die Hard on an endless loop and wearing the quite festive Now I Have a Machine Gun Ho-Ho-Ho sweatshirt, doesn't mean that your baby can't get in on fun as well.
BabyHuman Play and Learn Baby Spoons
If your baby is ready to start the transition to solid food feedings, this unique spoon safely promotes self-feeding through play and a little bit of trial and error.
Groegg - Color Changing Thermometer
Digital room thermometer for a nursery that changes color with the temperature to help you maintain a safe sleeping environment for the baby!

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ciao! baby - Packable Go-Anywhere High Chair
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ciao! baby - Packable Go-Anywhere High Chair
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ciao! baby - Packable Go-Anywhere High Chair
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ciao! baby - Packable Go-Anywhere High Chair
Although it may look like an ordinary deck chair, it's the only massage chair you can safely take outside!
ciao! baby - Packable Go-Anywhere High Chair
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ciao! baby - Packable Go-Anywhere High Chair
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ciao! baby - Packable Go-Anywhere High Chair
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ciao! baby - Packable Go-Anywhere High Chair
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ciao! baby - Packable Go-Anywhere High Chair
An ingenious bean bag chair that can quickly convert into a king-sized bed.

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