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Young Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks

Young Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks

Young Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks

Are you the parent of a budding mad scientist baby bent on world domination? Well before they build their first killer robot, construct their secret underground lair or enslave the masses with a re-animated zombie army, they're going to need to learn the alphabet first with these cool new Young Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks. The set includes five rounded and smooth chemical free blocks made from American maple wood and feature all 26 letters of the alphabet with six mad science illustrations per block. Genius!

A - Appendages

B - Bioengineering

C - Caffeine

D - Dirigible

E - Experiment

F - Freeze ray

G - Goggles

H - Henchmen

I - Invention

J - Jargon

K - Potassium

L - Laser

M - Maniacal

N - Nanotechnology

O - Organs

P - Peasants (with Pitchforks)

Q - Quantum physics

R - Robot

S - Self-experimentation

T - Tentacles

U - Underground Lair

V - Virus

W - WrenchX - X-Ray

Y - You, the Mad Scientist of Tomorrow

Z - Zombies

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  • For Ages 6 months +
  • Each block measures 1 3/8 inches square and depicts six mad science concepts and the appropriate letters
  • Includes all 26 letters of the alphabet on five blocks (six illustrations per block)
  • No harmful dyes or finishes, and edges are rounded and smooth
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Made from American maple wood and are chemical free

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