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Why Cry - Baby Crying Analyzer

Why Cry - Baby Crying Analyzer

Why Cry - Baby Crying Analyzer

If you're a new parent and having trouble figuring out why the baby is crying, maybe the Why Cry - Baby Crying Analyzer can help.

This high tech baby monitor teaches parents to distinguish the different types of cries of their baby using advanced frequency analysis technology. As the baby cries it analyzes the frequency and quickly determines whether the child is stressed, sleepy, annoyed, bored or hungry and displays it on the LCD screen, along with the current temperature and humidity level in the room. It also features a symptoms chart and a handy guide with tips.

The Why Cry - Baby Crying Analyzer is clinically certified with a 90% accuracy rate from leading research facilities, but it still doesn't replace good parenting. Think of it as a helpful tool as you gain experience.

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