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Baby Toupees - Make Your Baby Look Like a Celebrity!

Baby Toupees - Make Your Baby Look Like a Celebrity!

I think the market is closing in fast and all of the last missing niche products have finally been realized. Yes, they now make toupees for bald babies and I'm actually surprised no one thought of this sooner. Baby Toupees would make great Halloween costumes for the little ones as well. I have to admit it, they are funny, but the babies are going to hate you when they grow up and see the photos of them dressed up to resemble Donald Trump, Samuel L. Jackson, Lil Kim or Bob Marley. lol


  • Make your babies look like celebrities!!
  • Four different celebrity hair styles.
  • Make life more fun and amusing for you and your baby.
  • Mellow dreads for the rasta inspired infant. No baby, No cry.
  • Soft knitted cotton cap. Fits 1-9 months.

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