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BOTE AeroRondak - Inflatable Adirondack Beach Chair

BOTE AeroRondak - Inflatable Adirondack Beach Chair

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It's tough to beat the comfort and good looks of a classic Adirondack chair, but bringing one along with you wherever you might roam has not been easy... until now. This cool new BOTE AeroRondak is a portable inflatable Adirondack chair that inflates and deflates with ease and is perfect for the beach, boats, camping, poolside, tailgating, bonfires, backyard BBQs, balconies, and more. It features military-grade PVC skin that is virtually indestructible, EVA foam covered arm rests, an inflatable back rest and base, two MAGNEPOD magnetic drinkware holders, a grab handle, and includes a mesh carrying bag. best of all, ultra compact off-season storage. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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rEvolve Chair - Swiveling Portable Chair With Speakers
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BOTE AeroRondak - Inflatable Adirondack Beach Chair
This cool new Reclaimed Wine Barrel Table combines a retired California wine barrel for a base that also doubles as a storage cabinet, a clover-leaf tabletop made from 4 barrel heads with original French stamps, and it has a removable Lazy Susan on top.
BOTE AeroRondak - Inflatable Adirondack Beach Chair
The unique lid on this handcrafted wooden toy chest is a working xylophone with 13 hand tuned keys in the key of C and the mallets are included,
BOTE AeroRondak - Inflatable Adirondack Beach Chair
This cool new Yosegi Stool from Japan is actually two symmetrical wooden stools that merge into one to save valuable space.
BOTE AeroRondak - Inflatable Adirondack Beach Chair
There's nothing more hideous than traditional cat furniture scattered about a room, but this cool new MYZOO Spaceship Gamma will take your furry feline friend to new heights as a wall-mounted cat perch that can almost double as designer wall art.
BOTE AeroRondak - Inflatable Adirondack Beach Chair
Handmade in the UK, this sculptural bookshelf is shaped like a majestic elm tree from the trunk at the base to a range of inclined and flat branches at various heights that hold all your favorite books.
BOTE AeroRondak - Inflatable Adirondack Beach Chair
While these decorative ottomans may appear to be crafted from silver or bronze metals, they're actually just made from comfortable leather.
BOTE AeroRondak - Inflatable Adirondack Beach Chair
This industrial-strength / industrial-designed low profile coffee table is handcrafted in the USA from heavy wooden timber beam cross ties (creosote-free) and two sections of authentic railroad rail for the base that were recently taken out of service.
BOTE AeroRondak - Inflatable Adirondack Beach Chair
Futuristic round storage modules with tray tops that come in either 2 or 3 tier sizes in a variety of colors.
BOTE AeroRondak - Inflatable Adirondack Beach Chair
Combines two independently controlled refrigerated wine cabinets with an Aspen wood credenza that blends into your home's decor as a functional piece of furniture.

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