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Sitness 20 - German Balance Point Stool

Sitness 20 - German Balance Point Stool

Sitness 20 - German Balance Point Stool

I really don't understand most ergonomic office chairs, I never actually sit the way the chair manufacturers expect me to sit. There's something new on the market and it solves this problem. The new Sitness 20 - German Balance Point Stool not only looks cool, but it actually allows you a free range of motion while maintaining proper posture and strengthening your back muscles. Go ahead and sway back and forth or sway side to side, but feel free to get comfortable for once while toiling away endlessly at your office computer. Stylish looks, effective support, fun to sit on and a great price makes this 100% Green Head Recommended! Let us know in the Comments what you think and also what type of office chair works best for you.

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  • Promotes proper posture
  • Very portable
  • Height and tension adjustable

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