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Posture Improving Exercise Ball Chair

Posture Improving Exercise Ball Chair

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I have one of those seemingly "ergonomic" chairs, but since I don't sit or bend in any way close to the way it expects me to, it comes closer to crippling me than supporting me. The cool new Posture Improving Exercise Ball Chair is not only an innovative new take on supportive seating design, it actually may help improve posture and strengthen core muscles as well.

This backless chair throws out the traditional seat and replaces it with a 16" diameter exercise ball base. Since you are forced to sit upright and maintain balance, it helps improve your posture, exercise and strengthen your core muscles, provide a low-impact, almost imperceptible workout to your abdominal muscles and even help with spinal alignment. Plus, it's fun to bounce on a ball and I imagine that helps keep the blood flowing too, unlike the typical office chair.

Sitting on a regular rubber exercise ball would normally wreak havok with your clothing, but this one has a soft, polyester mesh outer layer available in black, light blue or red. The ball's pressure can easily be adjusted with the included hand air-pump and it rests on top of a base with five steel feet with a chrome finish.

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