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IceDozer Plus - Ultimate Ice Scraper

IceDozer Plus - Ultimate Ice Scraper

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Do you usually give up trying to clear off all that stubborn ice from your vehicle, only to scrape off a little peephole instead? I guess we all feel that there's nothing safer than driving around on bad wintry roads, when we can't see, with other crazy drivers who did the same thing, all waiting for the defroster to melt our way back to visibility. Well, the ultimate solution for obliterating ice and snow quickly and easily from your vehicle, next to getting someone else to do it, is to unleash the cool new IceDozer Plus - Ergonomic Ice Scraper.

The IceDozer Plus is a hardcore winter tool that uses three powerful attack surface blades, an ergonomic PowerGrip handle, an innovative, multi-function brush and a front plow to tackle any hard-to-remove icey mess. Unlike most ice scrapers with flat blades, the main heavy-duty FlexiBlade actually bends to the curvature of the windshield, so each pass clears a wider path compared to the usual sliver. If you need to remove thick ice, sharply tap the carbide-style Tenderizers on the bottom to fracture the brittle ice, before using the forward-facing IceBreaker Teeth to grip and rip it easily away. If all you have to deal with is a thin bit of frost, just use the finely honed FrostPeeler Blade to remove it.

The IceDozer Plus also features a large front plow to push away the ice and snow off the car and an ergonomic two-fisted PowerGrip that harnesses the natural strength and motion of the upper body. No matter your size, age or strength, the PowerGrip gives you the advantage to effectively power through virtually any kind of icey build-up without straining yourself. The IceDozer Plus is called Plus for a reason, because it also features the new removable PocketDozer. The PocketDozer incorporates a smaller scraping blade for tackling hard-to-clear areas such as the side mirrors and headlamps, has a notch designed to clear ice chunks off of windshield wipers and includes a brush with plush and durable bristles.

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