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Heated Hat

Heated Hat

Heated Hat

This winter, whether you're tearing down a snowy mountain slope, tailgating at the game, shoveling snow, or just walking from the car to the mall on a freezing cold day, help keep your head all cozy and warm inside this cool new Heated Hat from Venture Heat. This micro-fleece, beanie-style hat has microfiber elements woven directly into the fabric that deliver warmth at three different heat intensities in wide zones directly over the ears. It features an integral rechargeable lithium battery that provides five hours of heat on low or up to two hours of heat on high, recharges via an AC adapter in two hours, and has an easy access temperature control under the brim. Great heating solution for many different cold weather situations.

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  • Plush micro-fleece beanie-style hat generates up to 5 hours of battery-powered heat in wide zones directly over the ears
  • Delivers heat at three different intensities from microfiber elements woven into the fabric
  • Integral rechargeable lithium battery provides 5 hours (on low) to 2 hours (on high) of heat
  • Simple temperature control under the brim can be operated even with bulky gloves
  • Color-coded LEDs indicate which temperature level the user has selected
  • Recharges in two hours from the included AC adapter
  • Unisex sizes S / M or L / XL - 8 oz

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