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Ultra-Realistic Animal Ski Masks

Ultra-Realistic Animal Ski Masks

Ultra-Realistic Animal Ski Masks

Next time you hit the slopes, plan on getting plenty of attention when you slip on one of these cool new Beardo HD Animal Ski Masks. These amazing double-take-inducing ski masks have ultra-realistic HD printed animal faces on them complete with floppy ears. Not only do these soft fleece lined animal head balaclavas transform the wearer into an orangutan, a dog, or a cat, they also help repel the elements by protecting against chilly temperatures, biting winds, and the sun with 50 SPF UV protection. I'm not sure if they're fascinating or disturbing or both.

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  • Ultra Realistic HD Printed Designs
  • Snug fit to ensure warmth and protection from nipping wind and chilly temperatures
  • One Size Fits Most - Adults and Juniors
  • Element-repelling Polyester Flex™ Material
  • Anti-Microbial treated - Clean and stink-free!
  • Soft fleece lining - for temperature regulation
  • Wind and UV Protection 50 SPF
  • Awesome gift for any snow and winter sports lover!

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