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Oregon Scientific Crystal Weather Station

Oregon Scientific Crystal Weather Station

Oregon Scientific Crystal Weather Station

The Oregon Scientific Crystal Weather Station is one of the coolest desktop weather stations I've ever seen. On top of a glossy black base that tells perfect time automatically by radio signals linked to the U.S. atomic clock, is a clear acrylic block with laser-etched, three-dimensional icons of the sun, clouds and rain. Depending on the current weather forecast the icons begin to glow red, blue or green. It's a beautiful effect and will look stunning on any desk or nightstand. It also can swap out the time with the current temperature on the readout with a simple wave of your hand. Very cool.

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  • Add some flair to your forecast with this impressive weather station.
  • The acrylic block displays three 3D icons laser-engraved in crystal that light up in color to represent sunny, rainy or cloudy skies.
  • The radio-controlled U.S. Atomic clock in the base switches to a temperature readout with a wave of your hand.
  • Easy-to-read animated display of time and indoor temperature with bright LED backlight.
  • Plugs in with AC/DC adapter (included).

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