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World's Smallest Automatic Umbrella

World's Smallest Automatic Umbrella

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Umbrellas, even the compact ones, are simply too large to walk around with all day waiting for a sudden downpour. The solution is simply to go even smaller, like this cool new ShedRain Super Slim Auto Open / Close, the world's smallest automatic umbrella. This ultra-compact and lightweight umbrella can inconspicuously be slipped into a coat pocket or purse because it's only 8" long when closed and weighs only 9oz. When the rain drops begin to fall, just push the button to automatically deploy the generous 40" diameter nylon canopy with a tough, breeze-resistant steel shaft, ribs, and stretchers. It's definitely a better sized umbrella, but I'd still rather go inside when it rains.

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Cork is an amazing sustainable resource that can be made into many more things than just wine corks, like this cool new Natural Cork Umbrella.
Leaf Umbrella
A fun, whimsical and modern take on Mother Nature's original design!
Fanbrella - UV-Reflecting Umbrella With Motorized Fan
This UV-reflecting umbrella with motorized fan protects you from the sun, heat and humidity as well as it does from the rain.
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Patio Umbrella Marquee Lights
This unique and decorative ring of 12 warm-toned LED globe lights snugly wraps around a patio umbrella pole and no extension cords are needed.
Teak Wood Umbrella Stand Skirt / Table
This teak wood patio umbrella stand skirt doubles as a small table and is perfect for poolside, small spaces, or as an extra table when entertaining outdoors.

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World's Smallest Automatic Umbrella
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World's Smallest Automatic Umbrella
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World's Smallest Automatic Umbrella
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World's Smallest Automatic Umbrella
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World's Smallest Automatic Umbrella
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World's Smallest Automatic Umbrella
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World's Smallest Automatic Umbrella
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World's Smallest Automatic Umbrella
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World's Smallest Automatic Umbrella
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