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Eton ZoneGuard+ Whole Home Weather Alert System

Eton ZoneGuard+ Whole Home Weather Alert System

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Let's see. We have smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, security systems, watch dogs, glass break sensors, motion detectors, driveway alerts, and surveillance cameras hidden everywhere, but when a real threat like a tornado in the middle of the night occurs, what early alert system do you rely on as you snooze away in a deep slumber? The outdoor weather sirens going off at the far end of town? A garbled computer voice alert from an old weather radio forgotten somewhere in the house? A notification from a favorite weather app? A frantic cat? Well, there's finally a solution.

The cool new American Red Cross ZoneGuard+ from ETON is one of the only weather alert radio systems designed to warn multiple rooms in a home of severe weather emergencies. The slim base station features a 3 level high-visibility color alert light bar (Green = Watch, Orange = Warning, Red = Alert), S.A.M.E (Specific Area Message Encoding) technology to receive alerts for your area, and a NOAA/AM/FM digital radio with 6 preset stations / alarm clock. To warn multiple rooms, it also includes 2 wireless alert modules (an unlimited number of additional modules can be added) that blare a warning siren in rooms up to 164 feet away from the base. Makes sense to me.

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Eton ZoneGuard+ Whole Home Weather Alert System
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Eton ZoneGuard+ Whole Home Weather Alert System
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Eton ZoneGuard+ Whole Home Weather Alert System
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Eton ZoneGuard+ Whole Home Weather Alert System
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Eton ZoneGuard+ Whole Home Weather Alert System
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Eton ZoneGuard+ Whole Home Weather Alert System
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Eton ZoneGuard+ Whole Home Weather Alert System
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Eton ZoneGuard+ Whole Home Weather Alert System
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Eton ZoneGuard+ Whole Home Weather Alert System
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