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Eton ZoneGuard+ Whole Home Weather Alert System

Eton ZoneGuard+ Whole Home Weather Alert System

Eton ZoneGuard+ Whole Home Weather Alert System

Let's see. We have smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, security systems, watch dogs, glass break sensors, motion detectors, driveway alerts, and surveillance cameras hidden everywhere, but when a real threat like a tornado in the middle of the night occurs, what early alert system do you rely on as you snooze away in a deep slumber? The outdoor weather sirens going off at the far end of town? A garbled computer voice alert from an old weather radio forgotten somewhere in the house? A notification from a favorite weather app? A frantic cat? Well, there's finally a solution.

The cool new American Red Cross ZoneGuard+ from ETON is one of the only weather alert radio systems designed to warn multiple rooms in a home of severe weather emergencies. The slim base station features a 3 level high-visibility color alert light bar (Green = Watch, Orange = Warning, Red = Alert), S.A.M.E (Specific Area Message Encoding) technology to receive alerts for your area, and a NOAA/AM/FM digital radio with 6 preset stations / alarm clock. To warn multiple rooms, it also includes 2 wireless alert modules (an unlimited number of additional modules can be added) that blare a warning siren in rooms up to 164 feet away from the base. Makes sense to me.

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  • First and only weather alert clock radio system with 2 wireless modules for multi-room alerts.
  • 2 Wireless alert modules with siren to receive audio alerts in other rooms (range 164 feet/50m)
  • An unlimited number of wireless alert modules can be added
  • S.A.M.E (Specific Area Message Encoding) Technology to receive alerts for your area
  • 3 level High-visibility color alert light bar (Green - Watch, Orange - Warning, Red - Alert)
  • NOAA/AM/FM Digital Radio with 6 preset stations / Alarm Clock
  • Elegant, thin form factor with angle stand and wall mounting options
  • Test button to check signal to modules from base unit

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