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Traction Runners

Traction Runners

Traction Runners

This winter, if your vehicle gets stuck in the snow or can't get moving on ice, just use these cool new Traction Runners. Simply slide these tough, non-woven fiber runners under your tires to give them a dry, non-slippery surface to grip. After you've freed yourself, the snow shakes off them easily, the non-absorbent material dries quickly and they store flat in your trunk. If you live in a snowy climate, it would be smart to put a set of these in every car, just in case.

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  • Set of 2 lightweight, snow traction aids
  • Tough, non-woven fiber grips snow or ice and instantly gives tires traction
  • Non-absorbent material dries quickly - Snow shakes off easily
  • Stores flat in your trunk
  • Size: 10.75" x 34" x 0.75"

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