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DNA Time Capsule

DNA Time Capsule

DNA Time Capsule


Hmm, this is a little morbid, but nontheless really cool. Cryogenically freezing your body after death probably won't bring you back in the future and it's obviously super expensive, but you can store and preserve your DNA for over a hundred years inside this cool new DNA Time Capsule. If humans, asteroids, supernova, supervolcanoes, or something worse doesn't destroy the planet in the next hundred years, it's very possible that your perfectly preserved DNA, your genetic fingerprint, inside this little capsule can be used to clone your body (with upgrades) so you can sort of live again, let family remember you in a more unique way than a jar of ashes, be used for as the missing key in some utterly disturbing future biotech breakthrough, or maybe for something incredible that is yet to be discovered.

To use, it requires a blood sample which is then stored inside this triple-sealed time capsule using a synthetic chemical matrix that stabilizes DNA at room temperature. This innovative matrix formulation is based on the natural principles of Anhydrobiosis AKA Life Without Water and should keep the blood sample preserved for up to 100 years. It's not quite as effective as the legendary carbon-freezing technique employed at Cloud City on planet Bespin, but here on Earth, it's good enough for now.

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