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Realistic Life-Sized Casket Prop with Spooky LED Illumination

Realistic Life-Sized Casket Prop with Spooky LED Illumination

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Put the fun back into funeral this Halloween when you prop up a spooky skeleton, a sleeping vampire, or just some gross rotting corpse you found near an open grave that is definitely not a zombie right on your front lawn inside this cool new Gold-Encrusted Casket from Home Depot. This spooky outdoor Halloween prop looks just like an actual life-sized coffin, at a fraction of the cost, with a realistic wood-grain pattern, a working hinged lid, intricate engravings, ornate handles, and gold-encrusted detailing. It can either be placed on the sturdy metal frame to display it vertically or down on the ground to display it horizontally and it features tough, weather-resistant outdoor construction and bright internal LEDs that cast an eerie blood red glow on whatever occupant you place inside. Hmm, you might want to bring it inside during a full-blown zombie invasion, because they tend to like sleeping in opened or unlocked caskets at night. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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Realistic Life-Sized Casket Prop with Spooky LED Illumination
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Realistic Life-Sized Casket Prop with Spooky LED Illumination
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