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Giant Resting Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Statue

Giant Resting Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Statue

Giant Resting Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Statue

Is it just me or does it seem like a new dinosaur species seems to pop up every few years that you've never heard of, but really should have? Do they just change the names all the time like the poor old Brontosaurus? Anyways, I had never heard of the Ankylosaurus before today (I know, I know), but it's actually kind of cool. First discovered in 1906 by Barnum Brown, the Ankylosaurus was a large, herbivorous dinosaur known for its distinctive armored body, horned front beak, and destructive clubbed tail / dummy head that was sometimes used to fool and lure in predators and then swung like a weapon with great force to take them out. I'm guessing it wasn't very friendly, but you and your family and guests should be perfectly safe when you take endless selfies around this cool new yet quite prehistoric-inspired Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Statue from Design Toscano.

This gigantic, nearly 12 ft long statue of an armored Ankylosaurus dinosaur is all curled up, chilled out, and ready to take a snooze on your lawn and its massive clubbed tail is safely tucked in for the nap. While not a real Ankylosaurus, it is a highly detailed reproduction of what it might have looked like and is constructed from high quality, fiberglass-reinforced resin that is then hand-painted in realistic detail and can be placed indoors or out. What I like about it is that it almost looks like a large rock or natural formation in the grass when viewed from a distance and then ensures a few double-takes whenever a confused visitor gets too close. It's perfect for yards, gardens, restaurants, miniature golf courses, hotels, theme parks, dinosaur museums, or just something unique and decorative for a lucrative paleontologist's office to help tie the room together.

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  • If your goal is to attract visitors and ensure a viral photo-op, choose this colossal reptile selfie magnet!
  • Guests will step back into the Cretaceous Period when they see themselves with this Jurassic-sized Ankylosaurus Dinosaur statue
  • A faithful replica of an ancient, prehistoric quadrupedal lizard believed to have roamed the earth
  • Created of fiberglass-reinforced resin and hand-painted to perfection
  • Features the grinding teeth, horny front beak, and large club tail of the legendarily armored, omnivorous beast
  • This large-scale, display-quality dinosaur sculpture transforms any home, garden, restaurant, or hotel into something truly magnificent
  • Size: 140" W x 88" D x 53" H - 308 lbs

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