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Octopus Garden Sculpture

Octopus Garden Sculpture

Octopus Garden Sculpture

Every lawn needs a giant octopus seemingly rising up through the blades of grass to terrorize the garden gnomes, neighbors, and guests. The cool new Octopus Garden Sculpture by designer Chris Crooks is a monstrous octopus lawn ornament handmade from pieces of hand-cut 16 gauge mild steel that were bent and shaped to give them added ferocity and dimensionality and then aged with a bright rust patina. Just stake down the bulbous head and suckered arms in a creative spot on your lawn and everyone will be sure to do a double take before running off in total fright.


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  • Designer: Chris Crooks
  • Rises up through waves of grass and inspires uproarious reactions from all who cross its path
  • Arms, suckers, and bulbous head are bent and shaped to give them added ferocity and dimensionality
  • Handmade from pieces of hand-cut metal that are aged with a bright rust patina
  • Materials: 16 Gauge Mild Steel
  • Includes 11 6" steel stakes
  • Handmade in Arizona
  • Head Size: 22" L x 4" W x 22" H
  • Tentacles vary from 9" - 18.5" H

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