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Stratachute - Parachute Ball Lawn Game

Stratachute - Parachute Ball Lawn Game

Stratachute - Parachute Ball Lawn Game

Bored with bean bags, ladder toss, lawn darts, bocce balls, and whatever else you toss around in the backyard at parties? Here's something different. The cool new Quirky Stratachute is a lawn strategy game in development from where players launch balls into the air with built-in, self-deploying parachutes and hope they land on or closer to the target mat than the opposing team. Gravity isn't the only thing to think about when launching the balls either, because you have to consider physics like wind speed, wind direction, and launch height angles. It's kinda like Angry Birds, but with balls, parachutes, and going outside. - Via: Gizmodo

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  • Strategy game where you launch balls into the air to parachute down towards a target
  • 6 parachute balls (3 for team A and 3 for team B)
  • Ball splits open and triggers parachute once the ball slows from gravity
  • Balls come with built-in parachutes inside
  • You have to think about wind direction, launch height and fall angles
  • Pop up target mat collapses for smaller storage
  • Great for parties and small groups
  • Target Mat: 5' diameter

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