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VegTrug - Elevated Patio Garden

VegTrug - Elevated Patio Garden

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If you don't have the space for a full blown garden, want to avoid toiling down on your knees while tending to one, or just want to take your container gardening hobby to the next level, then check out this cool new Vegtrug - Patio Garden. This space-saving elevated garden planter is the perfect size for growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers right on your patio and is also at the perfect waist-high working height as well - no bending or kneeling, no weeds, and fewer pests as well. It features an elevated, V-shaped growing bed that holds up to 380 quarts of container mix and is designed to easily grow deep-rooted plants like tomatoes in the center and shallow-rooted crops along the edges. It's built to last from sustainable, plantation-grown fir with a non-toxic stain and includes a fitted fabric liner that keeps soil safely contained while letting any excess water drain. A great solution for space-limited green thumbs.

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Raised Wooden Garden Bed on Wheels
Combining container gardening, raised garden beds, and mobility, this versatile, space-saving wooden planter also helps turn any small space into a garden.
Japanese Maple Tree - Rice Hull Growing Kit
This elegant kit lets you grow your very own crimson-leaved Japanese Maple bonsai tree in your home or office and includes everything you need, including an all-natural, environmentally-friendly pot and matching saucer made from renewable grain husks and USDA certified organic seeds and soil.
Halloween Jack-O'-Lantern Pumpkin Planter
While some pumpkins may prefer the gnarled green stem protruding from the top of their gourd, others prefer a more modern hairstyle... like mums!
Flip Flap - Synthetic Cartoon Plant
I love cool stuff for my desk, because I really need something interesting to keep my mind off the work. I usually like a real plant of some weird species, but this one is even better, it's a moving cartoon plant that actually needs sun!
LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant - 540 Pieces!
If you're a Super Mario Bros. fan, a lover of carnivorous, extra-bitey plants, and like to build LEGO models, then check out this cool new LEGO Piranha Plant.
Gardener's Revolution Self-Watering Vine Planter
This spring, grow impressive vines of peas and cucumbers or climbing annuals in a small amount of space with ease
Stackable Strawberry and Herb Planters
Save valuable space on your patio this spring and summer when you grow tasty strawberries, fresh herbs, and more in a space-saving vertical way using these cool new Stackable Strawberry and Herb Planters.
Steel Tripod Planter
Not only a modern take on the traditional planter, it's positively futuristic! Doubles as an ice bucket too.
Mailbox Planter
This unique powder-coated steel planter is designed to fit over standard USPS mailboxes and provides a 5 inch deep planter on each side.

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VegTrug - Elevated Patio Garden
This magical living hideaway is a children's backyard fort camouflaged behind walls and even a roof of lush, leafy vines from climbing plants such as beans and sweet peas.
VegTrug - Elevated Patio Garden
Do you really need a monstrous, gas-powered chainsaw? This miniature battery-powered chainsaw is the perfect size for cutting branches and small logs.
VegTrug - Elevated Patio Garden
This giant trellis-like garden obelisk is a towering structure / plant support that's made in the USA from durable cedar wood and stands nearly 8 feet tall.
VegTrug - Elevated Patio Garden
A gravity-powered, precision granular hand spreader that evenly distributes fertilizer, grass seed, sand, ice melt, and more.
VegTrug - Elevated Patio Garden
An innovative push and pull broom with curved bristles that allow you sweep and rake up a variety of materials across a variety surfaces.
VegTrug - Elevated Patio Garden
A decorative modern habitat for attracting pollinating solitary bees and other beneficial insects to your garden and yard.
VegTrug - Elevated Patio Garden
A natural, decorative alternative to the typical cheap plastic pink flamingo lawn ornament with an everlasting faux greenery, topiary-inspired design.
VegTrug - Elevated Patio Garden
These heavy duty sleeves slip over your arms to give them protection from branch scratches, sharp thorns, ticks, bug bites, direct sunlight, and even poisonous plants.
VegTrug - Elevated Patio Garden
Sculptural metal kinetic yard art powered by the breeze that resembles a spiraling movie filmstrip.

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