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Hanging Strawberry Basket Kit

Hanging Strawberry Basket Kit

Hanging Strawberry Basket Kit

I'm sitting here in a darkened office at night here at Green Head HQ near Chicago and it's -5°F with a -20° wind chill! Global warming, wha? So anyways I'm trying to think positive and find things that make me think of spring and a warmer climate. Now the Hanging Strawberry Basket Kit is no where near as cool, weird and innovative as the Upside-Down Tomato Garden from previous years, but it does make growing a giant batch of juicy, sweet, healthy and delicious strawberries a total snap. Plus, by growing them in an elevated hanging basket, you also get to keep out most of those furry fruit-loving animal thieves as well. I love strawberries, but unfortunately I'm still freezing...

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  • The heart-shaped fruit packs in more Vitamin C per ounce than citrus varieties
  • The moss liner provides drainage and air circulation to the plant's roots
  • The kit should produce fruit in the first season
  • Kit includes wire basket, chains, moss liner, soil, seeds, and instructions
  • The basket is 10.5" in diameter, 5" high and 4.25" deep

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