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Kitty's Garden - Organic Cat Grass Kit

Kitty's Garden - Organic Cat Grass Kit

Kitty's Garden - Organic Cat Grass Kit

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The official Green Head HQ office cat Nyla Adhemar has grown a fond fetish for office plants of all kinds. I actually have a a giant Jalepeno plant growing near my desk here and it's become her private jungle. This behaviour needs to stop now so I decided that she needs her own plant to kill. I've been looking for some of that cool cat grass you can grow, but most of what I have found uses a container that will easily get knocked over by a crazy attacking dive-bombing cat. Kitty's Garden - Organic Cat Grass Kit basically uses a combination of 100% organic oats, wheat, rye and barley and grows it in a sturdy full wooden frame that won't tip over as easily.

Besides getting Nyla some cat grass, do any of you Green Heads out there have any tips for curbing your cat's desire to shred your plants? Let me know in the Comments below if you have any good tips.



  • 100% Organic Seed in Peat Moss Soil
  • Oats, Wheat, Rye and Barley
  • Grows in 4 - 6 Days
  • Full Wooden Frame

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