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TreePod - Backyard Hanging Tree House

TreePod - Backyard Hanging Tree House

TreePod - Backyard Hanging Tree House

Back in my day, a treehouse meant scouring the neighborhood for scrap lumber and nails, finding the perfect tree to build it in, afternoons of hauling each piece up the tree and hammering it together, dropping the hammer out of the tree on my little sister (she's fine!), and then once finished, endless worry that the whole thing would come crashing down. Well, with this cool new TreePod - Backyard Hanging Tree House I'm now sort of jealous.

This ingenious temporary treehouse is basically a tent that vertically hangs from a sturdy tree branch - hammer and nails not required. This fun hanging hideaway holds up 500 lbs, so kids and adults alike can seek solace in the trees and features a zip-up door, mesh windows, and a roll-out ladder. It's perfect for hanging in a backyard tree or a tree at a campsite, folds down for easy storage, and, best of all, won't harm the tree. Hmm, I wonder if my wi-fi will reach the tree so I can work from there?

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  • No nails or hammer needed
  • Easy setup and takedown, using a support frame or rope and tree branch
  • Zip-up door, mesh windows and a roll-out ladder
  • 500 lb. weight limit
  • Perfect for the backyard or a campsite
  • Folds down for easy storage
  • UV and water resistant
  • Durable Nylon
  • Steel support frame sold separately
  • Take down in inclement weather
  • Size: 7⅕' H x 5' W

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