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Shoot The Moon - Retro Tabletop Game

Shoot The Moon - Retro Tabletop Game

Shoot The Moon - Retro Tabletop Game

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This cool new yet quite 1940s-inspired Shoot the Moon Game is a retro reproduction of the classic wooden tabletop game that challenges your hand-eye coordination to compete with the basic laws of physics. Simple roll the stainless steel ball bearing down the twin metal rails to the bottom and then slowly spread the rails apart at the top to make the ball begin to roll up the incline seemingly against gravity. If you spread the rails too far apart too fast, the ball will drop into a scoring hole worth so many points. However, when you get good at it, you'll learn how to score the higher points further up until you eventually... shoot the moon for 5000 points. You can either play it by yourself for fun or with others to compete for the highest score. It's not as easy as it looks, but it's kind of addictive to keep trying and is way more fun than staring at yet another phone app. 🚀🌕

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