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Kelvin 007 - Fidget Spinner Multi-Tool

Kelvin 007 - Fidget Spinner Multi-Tool

When you're feeling both productive yet bored, go find something around the house that needs to be fixed and give this cool new Kelvin 007 - Fidget Spinner Multi-Tool a satisfying whirl. This addictively handy fidget spinner combines six screwdriver bits (two straight screwdrivers, two Phillips, and two Torx tips) that snap onto a magnetic star-shaped spinner with ceramic bearings for extra smooth spinning. Makes a great gift for anyone who likes to stare at a normal fidget spinner all day and who also happens to have a few screws loose. When finished, put it away in either a toolbox or toybox, not sure which.


  • Keep your hands busy between fix-it chores with this addictive multi-tool
  • Six handy heads (two straight screwdriver bits, two Phillips, and two Torx tips)
  • Just snap bits into the magnetic star-like handle and give it a whirl
  • Ceramic bearings inside make for smooth spinning

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