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Giant Entertainment Party Tent

Giant Entertainment Party Tent

Giant Entertainment Party Tent

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It's the beginning of summer and there are bound to be backyard parties galore, from wedding and graduation parties, the Fourth of July and just for the fun of it. If you plan on throwing a huge outdoor blast too, you're going to need one of these incredibly cool new Giant Entertainment Party Tents!

It's not simply your average everyday outdoor tent or canopy, this is a full blown, massive, weather-resistant entertainment shelter for your yard. It can easily hold 25 standing people comfortably and is designed to allow plenty of cooling airflow. It's beyond everything your guests and the food will ever need as protection from nature's unpredictable elements and those pesky attacking insect squadrons. If your yard has enough room, this is definitely the ultimate party solution. Plus, it should be fun to see the neighbors stare in sheer awe at a giant backyard teepee and a killer party they weren't invited to!

Personally, I just want one for camping, because if you're going to do something, do it right... and ridiculously huge!

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